May is National Masturbation Month!

May is National Masturbation Month!!!  You may ask, where did that come from, and do we really need an awareness month for masturbation?!  Well, there actually is a history behind this important and exciting awareness month, besides wanting to announce to the world that it’s a good idea to masturbate.

In December 1994, U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders was forced to resign for her statements about teaching about the topic of masturbation in sexuality education. “As per your specific question in regard to masturbation,” Dr. Elders said, “I think that is something that is a part of human sexuality and it’s a part of something that perhaps should be taught. But we’ve not even taught our children the very basics” (NY Times).  In reaction, the oh-so-wonderful Good Vibrations established May as National Masturbation Month the following May as a way to “highlight the importance of masturbation for nearly everyone: it’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s free, it’s pleasurable and it helps people get to know their bodies and their sexual responses.” While that statement cost Dr. Elders her job, it has not stopped her in a brazen attempt to improve the sexual health of the U.S.  And she was right!!!  By including the topic of masturbation in sexual education, we acknowledge sexuality as a natural part of human existence and encourage individuals to explore, understand and appreciate their sexual selves.

So- how are you recognizing this year’s masturbation awareness month?

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