Friday FREAK OUT! Ken Cuccinelli, VA gubernatorial hopeful, launches sneaky website, trying to re-instate “Crimes Against Nature” law

In my home state of Virginia, the race for governor continues to heat up, but hopefully not too much because Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli might get his knickers in a bunch about all that hot sodomy! On Wednesday he launched a new website,, which is framing the appeal of Virginia’s “crimes against nature” statute as a law that protects children from child predators.

In reality, this unconstitutional statute would outlaw anal and oral sex among consenting adults. It’s all a request for the Supreme Court to take his case against MacDonald that lost in the court of appeals, despite the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling that negated any anti-sodomy laws.

Cuccinelli’s anti-gay views are well documented- in 2009 he told the Virginian-Pilot that “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong.” This new campaign highlights his extreme conservatism on the issue. Additional background can be found on Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, and of course Buzzfeed.


The fact is that rape and sexual assault are already against the law, and another statute is not needed to protect the children. Sexuality educators can point to this campaign as a great example of how someone can frame a topic to misconstrue intentions. At first glance, you may be all for ‘protecting the children’; but really it’s about restricting rights, and imposing belief systems on others.

So, let’s freak out about this one, for sure. Let’s freak out about this candidate (who is ALREADY in an elected office) who wants to limit the rights of individuals to engage in consensual sexual behaviors. Let’s freak out so much that he does not get elected. It’s good news that polls are showing Cuccinelli’s opponent, Terry McAuliffe, with a slight lead in the polls as of Saturday. Woot woot!

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