Friday FREAK OUT! “Daddy, I thought a Weiner was a hot dog!”

This week the news has been absolutely inundated with commentary about mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Anything else that has happened is sitting under this giant cloud of sexting, scandal, lies and politics. Much has been said about the 23-year old he recently corresponded with, his relationship with his wife Huma Abedin, and how he has dropped in the polls this week. This story has been covered so broadly, I can’t imagine that young people aren’t hearing about this.

Are you ready to answer questions from kids about Weiner? Think about your responses to these questions (and feel free to post your responses in the comments!):

  1. Who is this Weiner guy, and why are people talking about him all the time?
  2. How come people are saying Weiner is a bad man?
  3. What is sexting?
  4. Why shouldn’t politicians send pictures of their privates to other people?
  5. If Weiner made a mistake a few years ago, how come he did it again?
  6. I thought Weiner was a hot dog. Is that his REAL name?
  7. Who is Carlos Danger?

While I am not going to provide suggested answers, I will offer some guidelines for answering questions…

  • Answer the questions that children ask- don’t brush them off, because then they might not ask you any more questions.
  • Answer questions honestly.
  • Be brief in your responses- if a child has more questions, they will certainly ask!
  • Use age-appropriate resources to supplement your answers.
  • Admit it if you don’t know the answer- it’s ok if you don’t know everything.
  • Show appreciation to the young person for asking questions about things they say.
  • Emphasize the importance of learning more and understanding media representations of politics.

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