Friday FREAK OUT! HelloFlo

This week one of the media items that has topped the charts is the advertisement for HelloFlo. I know when something has gone viral when more than two of my friends says, “have you seen this yet?” It’s all over Facebook, and definitely getting the attention of NPR.

This advertisement, featuring a young girl who just gets her period at summer camp, is trying to tell the viewer that tampons can be delivered to your door! Wow!

Whether they mean it or not, this ad, not meant to be a lesson on puberty, is telling the public a LOT about it. Such as…
– Vagina is a word that is ok to say.
– Your period is something that happens, so be ready and get used to it.
– Girls are getting their periods, so they need to both know about it and have products to respond.

This ad has definitely gone viral, apparently shutting down their website for a bit. However, what do young people really need to know about their menstrual cycle? Sure, many women do get cramps, and they should be prepared for some potential symptoms, but they should also feel ok with walking into a store, and asking the drug store clerk, “Where are the tampons?” I guess at summer camp it might be a bit tough to find a drug store, so a delivery service could certainly come in handy. But let’s also tell individuals that having a period is nothing to be ashamed of, and that obtaining products such as tampons and panty-liners is no big thang.


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