Friday FREAK OUT! Johnny Weir’s Olympic Fashion Win takes him to the Oscars

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have come and gone, and there certainly were some outstanding athletic performances. But Johnny Weir, NBC figure skating commentator and former Olympian, clearly won the gold in fashion.


His outfits got a ton of media attention, especially on Twitter and Instagram, and his fashion has been named a highlight of the games. Posts like Weir Watch and Johnny’s Outfit Tracker kept the public up to date on a daily basis. You can check out his full collection here.

His fashion and commentary has not ended with the Olympics, though. He and Tara Lipinski, his equally charming co-commentator and fashionista in Sochi, will be hosting the red carpet for the Oscars on Sunday night.

However, not everyone was super thrilled with Johnny’s style…gay CNN Don Lemon said, “No one likes a gay minstrel show.” For clarification, Lemon was referring to “someone who is flamboyant and over the top and all of those it seems those are the people who get the attention but they don’t represent all of gay America.”

Now that Weir is out and about and not going away, this can certainly become a teachable moment. There are so many ways that Johnny’s Olympic experience can be used in a sexuality education setting. Johnny models amazing self confidence and security in self identity, especially in an environment that posed considerable risk. Johnny demonstrates resilience after being criticized by big media outlets and individual Twitter users alike. Johnny also was a human- with challenges in the fur industry and his fishing debacle. All these qualities- confidence, resilience, humanity- are so important to remember when in a relationship, a sexual situation, or even when teaching!

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