Fearless Resources

under construction, but here are a few to start:


Our Whole Lives, developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries

Our Whole Lives is a series of sexuality education curricula for six age groups: grades K-1, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, grades 10-12, young adults (ages 18-35), and adults. http://www.uua.org/re/owl/

Teaching Safer Sex, 3rd edition, developed by the Center for Family Life Education at the Planned Parenthood of central and Greater Northern new Jersey, Inc.

Divided into two volumes, this set includes 50 lesson plans on a variety of topics related to sexuality.  I’m excited that three of my lesson plans are included!  Defining Sexual Health, I Feel Good! and Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!http://www.sexedstore.com/teachingsafersex

Websites that are awesome:

The Good Men Project: http://goodmenproject.com/

MySexProfessor.Com: www.mysexprofessor.com

Men Can Stop Rape: www.mencanstoprape.org

Videos (for parents):

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has a series of 4 short video clips with tips about talking to teens about sex.

Health Choices First has a short, 2 minute video titled, Parenting Tips: When to Talk About Sex.

Saber Hacer has a 8 minute video, How to Talk to Adolescents about Sex, targeting Latino youth, however it’s really relevant to all parents and teens! They also have a 2 minute video on How to Talk to Children about Sex.

Let’s Talk About Sex is an hour-long documentary about adolescent sexuality available for $19.95 from Amazon or other sellers.  They have some resources that can accompany the film.

Books (for parents):

but how’d I get in there in the first place? talking to your young child about sex. by Deborah Roffman. (2002)

A great resource for parents of children under the age of 6 (or teachers of that age range).  She provides practical tools for answering questions and puts the concept of learning about sexuality in the context of childhood development.

Books (for sex nerds):

Yes Means Yes. getting explicit about heterosex. by Kath Albury. (2002)

One of the first books that I encountered as a young grad student on the topic of sexual desire and pleasure framed in a positive light.  And being from Australia is cool.

3 thoughts on “Fearless Resources

  1. Looking for Young Adult/Adult OWL training closer to New England than St. Louis or Minneapolis. Do you know of any?

  2. The Spirituality component of the OWL classes is very important and those books are separate from the sexuality education curricula; both books should be purchased for the appropriate age level.

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